LR Podcast, S2E4: It’s just repackaged Marxism

Excerpt from: Institutionalizing Racial Fanaticism Across American Society

Americans are right to fight back against the racial fanaticism now invading American classrooms, workplaces and even the White House. These misguided teachings, accepted as holy writ by their proponents, are premised on easily disprovable propositions.

The core propositions are the following: that the persistence of racial disparities are prima facie evidence of a racism so deep that it is systemic; that to destroy this racism, America’s culture must be re-engineered through re-education mini-camps; and the only way to close the gaps is through heavy-handed use of racially discriminatory “anti-racism” government policies.

These are the underlying beliefs of critical race theory (CRT), which is now being institutionalized throughout society.

White children are taught that they perpetuate racism, whatever their feelings. Black children are taught that love of reading and writing, and the use of reason, are elements of White culture. And all children are taught that America is a hideous place.

>>> Critical Race Theory

In workplaces, employees are being herded into “anti-racism” training programs resembling Maoist struggle sessions. Meanwhile, woke corporate executives jump to punish communities that have the gall to make decisions they don’t like.

Now, the Biden administration is making CRT our official state ideology. Its Department of Education has proposed prioritizing grants for courses that use CRT. President Biden signed into law a loan forgiveness program that can be used by any farmer, except those who are White.

Clearly, we have returned to color-conscious government policy-making for the first time since passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

At this point we must ask: “Are we rushing into dismantling the most prosperous, freest, most fair society in history because of vague and woolly premises that fail to stand up to scrutiny?”

Let’s take “systemic racism” first. For CRT proponents like Richard Delgado, racial disparities arise from a “prevailing mindset by means of which members of the dominant group justify the world as it is, that is, with whites on top and browns and blacks at the bottom.”

Or, as Ibram X. Kendi puts it, “When I see racial disparities, I see racism.”

The disparities, however, more likely result from choices that free Americans of all colors, now released from the yoke of government-imposed color-conscious policies, make for cultural reasons.

“Activists on the Left of American politics claim that ‘white supremacy,’ ‘implicit bias,’ and old-fashioned ‘anti-black racism’ are sufficient to account for black disadvantage. But this is a bluff that relies on ‘cancel culture’ to be sustained,” says Brown University professor Glenn Loury. “The simple retort, ‘racism,’ is laughable—as if such disparities have nothing to do with behavior, with cultural patterns, with what peer groups value, with how people spend their time, with what they identify as being critical to their own self-respect.”

Mike Gonzalez is a senior fellow in Heritage’s Allison Center for Foreign Policy and the Angeles T. Arredondo E Pluribus Unum fellow.
  • With the pervasiveness of Critical Race Theory (CRT) which has been used to justify leftist racism, why is it any surprise that there’s a rise in hate crimes against Asians and more recently a wave of attacks on Jews?
  • Since the early 20th Century, Communists have sought to exploit existing racial tensions in America to destabilize our society so it can be brought down and replaced with their collectivist Utopia.
  • CRT cannot explain poverty and unemployment among American whites or in other racially homogeneous countries.
  • CRT’s parent theory, Critical Theory, (aka Cultural Marxism) taken to extreme such as in the old Soviet Union or in modern-day Venezuela has not solved the problems of poverty and lack of opportunity, so what makes anybody think CRT taken its logical extreme would fare any better?
  • Is it finally time to ditch the masks and end virtually all Covid restrictions? Who, if everyone has had a chance to be fully vaccinated, are we still maintaining the restrictions for?

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J.P. Mac

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