LR Podcast S2E11: Why is conservatism better?

  • What’s the difference between American conservatism and the left? 
  • Power to the individual (conservatism/libertarianism) vs. power over the people (collectivism/progressivism)
  • The pursuit of facts vs. the control of information
  • Natural Rights vs. rights determined by the government or the elites. 
  • The conservative notion of democracy as one legal voter, one vote vs. the left’s concept of getting the “correct” result of an election through any means
  • The left’s notion that the ends justify the means vs the conservative notion that only just means create just ends. 
  • Collectivist governments and authoritarianism vs. conservative governments and individualism. 

To hear these topics discussed, you can listen to the Liberty Relearned podcast here.

Please give the podcast a listen.


J.P. Mac

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