LR Podcast S2E18: Where did it all go wrong?

Where did it all go wrong?  That is the subject of this week’s podcast. I’m not talking about Afghanistan.  The Afghan exit debacle in this case is a symptom, not the problem.  (If you want to know what went wrong there, go back and listen to last’s week’s podcast where I talk about how and when the situation in Afghanistan went FUBAR.)  I’m talking about where, and more precisely–  When did this whole march towards the leftist dystopia we have today get set into motion?  The short answer is 1913 when Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated president of the United States.  The how and why are more difficult to answer. 1913 is when among other things, the federal income tax was initiated, among a host of other progressive measures that have been building upon one another until this day. 1913 is the year when American statism became a thing. The Independent Institute (not affiliated with this podcast) put a pretty good article on the subject entitled: 1913: The Final Days of the Old Regime in the United States  Now in 2021, where are starting to see the disastrous results of the statist/leftist program. Statism, by its very nature, brings about authoritarianism. No collectivist form of government, be it socialism, fascism, or communism can exist without an authoritarian government. Under COVID, formerly free countries like Australia and New Zealand have thrown off any tendencies on the part of their governments towards liberalism and have chosen mainly out of fear, to take the authoritarian route. The idea of “democratic tyranny” seems like an oxymoron, yet here we are. Leftists Democrats in the US are trying to install this collectivist, authoritarian state here. 

(BTW, If you happen to live in Australia or New Zealand, your voice is needed.  Please contact this podcast and leave a voice message, or email me at:  I’d love to hear from you if only to hear your horror stories of COVID tyranny.)

To hear the podcast, click here.

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