LR Podcast, S2, E26: Guns don’t kill people…

I’m not going to pick on Alec Baldwin here.  I’m sure he’s genuinely beside himself with grief and remorse.  I will say that people who believe that guns kill people and not as the saying goes:  “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” will have a hard time understanding that they can be one of the “people” in that saying when they are around firearms.  When it comes to death and injury due to firearms, intentional, or unintentional as in this case, the problem is always the thoughts, belief, and understanding that is the problem. Many on the left have divorced the gun’s actions from human actions.  When you do that, things like gun safety become mere abstractions.  They don’t realize that it’s not the gun that’s unsafe, it’s the handler of that gun that is either safe or unsafe.  #2A #gunsafety

Gun safety is a conservative value.

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Source Material: Alec Baldwin discharged prop gun that killed ‘Rust’ crew member on film set: authorities

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-JP Mac

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