For those keeping score, we’re now up to Omicron.

Its name is “Omicron“. It’s the reason you’ll still need to wear a mask at work and in school in 2022. It will be the desperate need cited for getting small children vaccinated. It’s the reason you have to stay home for Christmas this year (and don’t even think of New Year’s). It’s the reason why you’ll be getting a fourth shot in about five months. It’s the reason your compliance will continue to be mandatory in 2022, the year you thought you’d finally be free of COVID. If you live in the formerly free country of Australia, it will be responsible for lockdowns 473 thru 842. If not Omicron, it will be the next variant. When the name Omicron fades from the headlines, as Delta did, it will be replaced. Thanks to COVID, we’re all going to find out how many letters there are in the Greek alphabet.

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