LR Podcast, S2E39: Defeat the Mandates

(C) 2020-22 Liberty Relearned

Coverage and summary of the Defeat the Mandates DC march. The rally was organized primarily by outspoken critics of the mandates, Doctors Robert Malone and Peter McCullah.  It was MC’d by J.P. Sears, a very funny libertarian comedian. 

MC J.P. Sears (the other J.P.) served as the event’s host

Some of the main themes of the rally were:  The freedom to choose how best to prevent, treat, and overcome a potentially serious disease. Censorship of views, studies, and data that don’t fall in line with the Fauci doctrine. The vaccines are not as effective as we were led to believe, especially when it comes to the Omicron variant.  Natural immunity is real and can be better than artificial immunity provided by vaccines. Healthy children, in particular, should not be forced into taking the vaccine. Side effects from the vaccine while rare, are real and can be quite serious, even deadly. Also, the fact that Americans just don’t like to be bossed around. 

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J.P. Mac

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