LR Podcast, S2E38: A Tale of Two Leaders

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LR Podcast notes: A Tale of Two Leaders

A Quinnipiac poll released on January 12th, showed President Biden’s Approval rating at just 33%. His approval ratings have been plummeting since the Afghanistan pullout debacle. Meanwhile, on Saturday, Glenn Youngkin was sworn in as Virginia’s 74th governor. He won on a platform in many ways diametrically opposed to that of the President’s party. Biden’s top-down approach to government stands in stark contrast to Youngkin’s grassroots approach. The president demands obedience from American citizens. He wants mask and vaccine mandates. He’s sicced the DOJ on parents who disapprove of leftist ideology being foisted on their children and who’ve chosen to speak out forcefully against them. The Biden regime wants you to associate these people with domestic terrorists. Far from terrorists, Youngkin sees them as concerned parents sick of leftist indoctrination, moreover, they are a key constituency. One of his first executive orders was to forbid mask mandates in public schools within the Commonwealth. Biden wants the government and teacher’s unions to determine school curriculum and Youngkin wants parents to have the chief say. One stands for an authoritarian approach of mandates and the other the libertarian approach of empowering VA households, parents, and individuals. One enjoys record disapproval, one enjoys a mandate from the people. Which vision for America should prevail, will prevail?

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J.P. Mac

Further reading:

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