LR Podcast, S2E44: The hot war on energy

(c) 2022,

It’s official, the Russians are back on top as Christiandom’s authoritarian villains after briefly being unseated by the upstart Canadians. It feels like some weird cosmic balance has been restored.  Yes, that’s flippant, but it does seem that someone’s freedom is always being threatened somewhere.  With the Russo-Ukrainian war officially underway we can see how violating some conservative, if not strategic principles has helped get us to this point. 

When Jen Psaki, the Presidents press secretary says we need to push renewable resource production, rather than fossil fuel production to avoid problems like in Ukraine, it shows a dangerously naive world view. We could simultaneously hurt Putin’s ability to wage war while helping the American and European people but Biden won’t do it. 

The war has already caused many refugees to flee the fighting for countries like Poland and Slovakia.  Soon, Europe will have a humanitarian crisis. This will necessitate NGOs to step in, like the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and others to step in. 

To listen to the podcast, click here.

Now, more than ever, stay happy, healthy, and free.
-JP Mac

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