LR Podcast S2, E45: The state of the union is good for whom?

(c) 2022

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Here’s my hot take on the President’s SOTU speech. He started out pretty well by saluting the armed forces and people of Ukraine. It was all pretty much downhill from there. It took a lot of intellectual gymnastics to spin anything he did into a success. He used Covid as an excuse for runaway inflation. Everyone knows that emerging from Covid restrictions played only a part of it. He tried to spin it as the inflation was because the economy was improving too fast! He rehashed his already doomed Build Back Better program. His most laughable moment was when he claimed he wanted to secure our border. I don’t know how he got through that line with a straight face. Good news, funding, rather than defunding the police is now the policy of his administration! Even that bit is suspect. What he’s not telling you is that the end result would be to shift much of the funding of police away from the local governments where it belongs. #SOTU22 #BuyVotesBetter

To help with Ukrainian relief (These are trusted, well-established charities): 

Catholic Relief Service (CRS), Ukraine relief

International Committee of the Red Cross, Ukraine relief

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