LR Podcast, S2E46: Pork is back on the menu.

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Pork is back on the menu…

Congress just passed an omnibus budget that approves $1.5T in spending, much of it pork-laden. Of course, with a Democrat Congress in the current era, most of that pork is going to fund woke agenda items. Nancy Pelosi decided to use the war in Ukraine as leverage, tying a Ukraine support package to the greater omnibus. There is a good article by Matthew D. Dickerson from the Heritage Foundation that lists some of the woke pork.

From the article:

“1.  Earmarks were banned by conservatives a decade ago after high-profile cases of corruption were exposed.

2.  Unfortunately, earmarks are making a big return in President Joe Biden’s first appropriations package.

3.  None of these earmarks have anything to do with carrying out the proper, limited roles of the federal government enumerated in the Constitution.”

Speaking of the situation in Ukraine… Poland wanted to give Ukraine some of its Soviet-era fighters.  Somehow this turned into a botched, overly complicated effort. Putin knows the West has been and continues to supply Ukraine with lethal military equipment. Does it really matter at this point if the system destroying the Russian tank or APC is air or land-based?

To help with Ukrainian relief (These are trusted, well-established charities):

Catholic Relief Service (CRS), Ukraine relief

International Committee of the Red Cross, Ukraine relief

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Stay healthy, happy, and free.

-J.P. Mac

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