Because some gave all, all must give some.

Memorial Day 2016
Pray for those who gave their lives that we may be free. Appreciate every bit of that freedom, and guard it jealously.

The saying “All gave some; some gave all,” is attributed to Korean War veteran and Purple Heart recipient, Howard William Osterkamp. It was true for the Korean War, and all the wars Americans fought in before and since. This Memorial Day, we honor those who gave all. They all gave their lives for their country, and we enjoy what freedom we have because of them. Even today, some give all, and all who enjoy their freedom should honor their sacrifice by giving some. Especially today, we see Ukrainians and others give their lives for their countries. Most of us in America and Europe are not called to give of themselves to such an extreme degree. We saw over the last two years how quickly we can lose our freedoms and slip into authoritarianism. Though we probably won’t be asked to give all as many are, we can, and should join SGT Osterkamp in giving some. Volunteering as first responders, to the military, giving to refugees, supporting life, serving on school boards, at church, standing for freedoms in ways great and small. Because some gave all, all must give some.

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