LR Podcast, S3E4: Replacement vs. Displacement

(c) 2022

Replacement vs. Displacement

  • Critical Race Theory (CRT) came to the forefront of American politics during the height of the pandemic when parents across the country were shocked to find anti-white racism in their children’s curriculum.  CRT and its offshoot social-justice phenomena ironically termed “anti-racism” that seeks to cast all inequities in Western Civilization in a racial light.  They are part of the leftist world view called “cultural Marxism” which basically states that all power inequities result in an oppressor/oppressed dynamic.  The side with the greater social, economic, or political power will inevitably use it to oppress persons or groups with less power.
  • The Democrats believed they have found in ‘Replacement Theory’ what the Republicans did with CRT– a target they can aim their political energy at. They saw grass roots Republicans coalesce around the issue of ‘anti-racism’. They saw Glenn Youngkin win in VA, and scores of Republican and conservative candidates successfully define and attack CRT: the intellectual underpinning of intersectionality. The Democrats believe they have found the equivalent on right, Replacement Theory. The problem is, the average conservative does not know what Replacement Theory is, much less subscribe to it. The Democrats will attempt to conflate Replacement Theory with any stance on a strong border or stronger immigration controls. Watch for this as the midterms draw nearer.
  • The World Economic Forum is meeting again in Davos, Switzerland. Here is the only two questions worth asking:  If the plans being hatched by the attendees of the WEF come to fruition, will the average person enjoy more or less freedom?  Will Klaus Schwab and the other attendees have more power or less over the average person if their plans are executed as they envision?  Wherever they’re discussing at Davos, it’s a safe bet it’s not how they can best diffuse and divest their power.

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-JP Mac

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