LR Podcast, S3E10: AKA: Democracy

(c) 2022

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Independence Day, 2022 may have come and gone, but we can still celebrate #AmericanPrideMonth throughout the month of July.  American Exceptionalism is too great to just dedicate a single day, or a single long weekend to. 

In the shadow of the Dobbs v Jackson ruling overturning Roe v Wade, comes another critical SCOTUS ruling– West Virginia v EPA

Despite Democrats howling about the ‘death of democracy’, these recent SCOTUS rulings will not men the death of democracy, quite the contrary, as this article from the Daily Signal points out.  

From the article: 

“The implications of West Virginia v. EPA will be discussed and debated for a long time to come. Regardless of those discussions, it’s already clear that in addition to rejecting unauthorized EPA overreach, the Supreme Court has helped to protect the voice of the American people and restore the nation’s republican form of government.”

Contrary to what some have said, the Dobbs and West Virginia rulings are victories, not defeats for our democracy and our republic.  They put these matters into the hands of the legislatures and the people where they can be debated and voted on.  What’s that thing called?  You know– where people get a say on how important issues are handled? Oh, yeah, it’s called DEMOCRACY. 

Until next time, 

Stay happy, healthy, and free! 

-JP Mac

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