LR Podcast, S3E16: Fear: The Coin of the Left’s Realm

(c) 2022

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Fear is a powerful motivator.  It’s a survival mechanism and it’s been around probably for as long as animals have been around. It can have positive effects, fear of a bear for instance, can make you stop in your tracks and slowly put some distance between you and it.  Fear of your family starving can make you hunt that same bear for food.  It also can be used against you.  Fear of the socialist coming and taking away all private property led to the rise of fascism in Europe.  The fascists in turn, used fear of beatings, killings, vandalism, and imprisonment to control the population that did not agree with their methods.

Many of those most easily convinced to alter their lifestyles, even subordinate their well-being and the well-being of their families because fear overwhelmingly share another trait besides, and perhaps because of their fears. They tend to be members of the political and social Left.  They prostrate themselves at the feet of the state, and of so-called experts. They are fully prepared to make others do the same.  In fact, they scoff at those who don’t share their often-irrational fears.  Fearing perhaps their inability to make it on their own, tends towards the various forms of collectivism and the inevitable authoritarianism that follows.

On the other side of that same coin are the fear mongers who are all too willing to accommodate the fearful.  Fear is the coin of the realm for the Left. They employ tactics of fear and even terror to control others.  They use deception to exaggerate the nature of the danger, then they exaggerate or even falsify the effectiveness of their solutions.  They in turn fear that if they are not in control, someone else will be, or even worse…no one else, and that scares them the most. This sort of control also tends to be instrumental in achieving financial gains for those in power.   Convenient.

Back at Mar a Lago… It’s becoming clear that the search for classified documents was just a pretense for the FBI to go on a fishing expedition. What were they fishing for?  Possibly evidence they believed that Trump documents that would exonerate him with regards to the Russia collusion hoax and implicate members of the deep state.  The swamp creatures in the DOJ and the Biden Regime would like nothing more than any documents that could exonerate Trump to disappear.  

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Stay healthy, happy, and free.

JP Mac

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