LR Podcast, S2E19: God save the King…and us.

(c) 2022

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In this episode, I talk about two traumatic events that greatly affected entire countries.  On September 8th, 2022, the United Kingdom lost their Queen, Elizabeth II.  Elizabeth was the longest reigning queen in Britian’s history.  She will be sorely missed by Britain and the Western World. She is succeeded by King Charles III.  Charles has been outspoken in recent years on Leftist causes such as climate change and has attended the WEF summit in Davos, Switzerland.  He’s going to have to put those days behind him and rule from the center.  When in doubt, he should ask himself– “What would mother do?”  God save the King.  

The other traumatic event I talk about is the terrorist attack on the US on September 11th, 2001.  There was the immediate shock and horror the attacks on Washington, DC and New York caused, then there were many events that stemmed directly or indirectly from 9-11, like the invasion of Afghanistan and our ignominious surrender nearly 20 years later. The attacks lead to the Global War on Terror which provided the momentum needed to invade Iraq.  Our untimely withdrawal from Iraq lead to the establishment of the ISIS caliphate in the Levant. 

Today marks the anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks.

9-11 brings up painful memories to those who experienced it either in person or on the television at the time.  Should we try to forget about it?  To do that would do a disservice to all who gave their lives, especially those firemen, policemen and first responders who committed so many conspicuous acts of courage and valor on that day and the days that followed.  We cannot forget for one brief period; Americans of all stripes were united.  We cannot forget the men and women of our armed forces and the scarifies they mad as a direct result of the attacks. We can never, ever forget 9-11-01.  

JP’s Dystopic Journal continues with a further examination of John Galt’s speech in Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand.  One of the themes of his speech, and a theme of Rand’s is the idea that human beings are meant to have the capacity to act in their own best interests and the best interests of their loved ones. We should not outsource our decision making to others when it comes to matters of critical importance.  Added to Galt’s/Rand’s commentary, I suggest The Creator gave us the gift of free will.  It’s our ability to choose from different paths and select our own destinies that sets us apart from both the animals and the angels.  Humans being their best selves and utilizing their gifts of life and liberty is good and moral.  Not doing those things, or depriving others from either life or free will is bad, immoral. 

Until next time, stay healthy, happy, and free! 

-JP Mac

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