LR Podcast, S3E24: Three Anti-Trump Fallacies

(c) 2022

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There are at least three false beliefs that virulent anti-Trumpers hold in common. Though none of the claims stand up to close scrutiny, and several are demonstrably false, no amount of debunking, no direct proof, no evidence will dissuade those suffering from TDS, (Trump Derangement Syndrome) from their insistence that Trump is Hitler reborn and all who follow him are Nazis. First, is the hoax perpetrated by Hillary, her campaign and the FBI that Vladimir Putin had dirt on Trump, and that he and many of his inner circle were puppets of the Kremlin. Second, is the misconception that Trump said that the white supremacists at Charlottesville, SC were “fine people.” Third is the belief that the riot at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, was an insurrection planned and orchestrated by Donald Trump himself. These claims persist long after they’ve been debunked. The feeling of moral superiority by those who continue to hold onto these falsehoods must be so high, that no amount of factual data, or evidence to the contrary, can shake them loose from those who cling to them. These fallacies are a problem, not just because they involve deception, but they also induce bigotry and sometimes even violence against “MAGA Republicans” and others who espouse conservative values.

Much has been said and written in an effort to debunk the persistent myths, fallacies, and libels against former President Trump. Many who continue to cling to such false beliefs have closed themselves off to any counter arguments, or proof that might challenge them. Why then re-address the falsehoods here? Because they persist, and they are dangerous. They are dangerous in the immediate sense that people have been attacked and even killed for supporting Trump and conservative causes such as right to life that are closely associated with either Trump or Republicans. After the President concluded his speech at the Republican Convention in 2020, attendees were harassed and assaulted upon leaving the venue. Members of his cabinet have suffered similar harassment. President Biden gave a speech in Philadelphia almost entirely devoted to accusing “MAGA Republicans” of being enemies of democracy. Not long after, a North Dakota teen was murdered, run down by a man who thought the kid was part of a Republican extremist group. According to the Associated Press: “The driver, Shannon Brandt, told a 911 dispatcher that he struck Cayler Ellingson early Sunday in McHenry because the teenager was threatening him, and that the teen was part of a ‘Republican extremist group,’ according to a probable cause affidavit.” Did Brandt think he was defending democracy?

A more long-term hazard is that people, having been fed a steady diet of anti-Trump rhetoric, have been whipped up into such a Trump-hating frenzy, that they will ignore the more glaring assaults on America’s freedom. America stands at a crossroads. It would not be overselling it to say that the constitutional republic that the Founding Fathers meant America to be is at risk. The Biden regime is pursuing its political and ideological opponents with a zeal seldom seen in this country. The Democrats seem to be bent on the same sort of eco-fascist policies that have destroyed other countries or taken their freedom. Other countries in the Anglosphere, namely Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have shown an alarming propensity to go authoritarian to the point that they barely qualify as free countries anymore. Even if the Republicans take back Congress, that can stop further damage, but not reverse it. An electorate suffering from TDS, blind to their own prejudices is liable to vote away our freedom just to spite one man they have convinced themselves is an enemy of democracy and vote in the exact sort of fascism they claim to be against.

Until next time,

Stay healthy, happy, and free

-JP Mac

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