LR Podcast, S3E32: Feeding the Totalitarianism with Fear

(c) 2022,

According to Mattias Desmet in his book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, there are four conditions needed for a large-scale mass formation:  

1. Generalized loneliness

2.  Lack of meaning of life

3. “Free-floating anxiety and psychological unease.”  

4. A lot of free-floating aggression

Leftism as a mass-formation depends on all four of these conditions being met to keep their authoritarianism going.

An article about a new NYC mask directive in the Gateway Pundit talks about how New Yorkers are being advised to resume wearing masks again indoors and in crowded situations.  They’ve even coined the term “tridemic” in order to strike more fear in people.  With people losing their fear over COVID-19, the authoritarian left need something to get those free-floating anxiety levels back up in order to keep their mass-formation going.

The “tridemic,” the war in Ukraine, the self-sabotage of our food and energy supplies all have the effect (some might say indented) of increasing the general level of fear and anxiety, something that fuels a totalitarian mass-formation.

To listen to the Podcast, click here.

Until next time,

Stay healthy, happy, and free.

-JP Mac

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