LR Podcast, S3E43: The Pros and Cons of a National Divorce

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Should red and blue America get a #nationaldivorce? 

The idea of a national divorce between red and blue America has been around for a while now and US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from GA has been a big proponent of it since 2020.  An article from 2021 in the NY Post outlined some of her rationale for a divorce.  National divorces are not new things.  The former country of Czechoslovakia broke up peacefully into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the early 1990’s.  More recently, Great Britian has broken from the EU peacefully after the Brexit vote was taken.  Other countries broke up violently such as the former Yugoslavia.  India and Pakistan have at time experienced flare-ups of violence since their independence from Great Britian.  

National divorce is a much more favorable alternative to civil war.  Is it the best alternative though?  America would have all the same problems Britian has had since Brexit, especially when it comes to the Republic of Ireland staying with the EU and Northern Ireland leaving with the rest of the U.K.  There you have two countries, similar in both culture and language and with a lot of cross-pollination between them with regards to business and families.  Red and Blue America similarly would have such problems disentangling themselves.  Yes, a national divorce would solve some problems, but it would create others that the people of the EU, Great Britian and Ireland are experiencing.  There would be mutual defense, and trade set up, but how would that look?  

An alternative for conservatives to both a civil war and a national divorce would be (other than capitulation to the left) to stay in for the long haul and make a commitment to winning our current cold civil war.  The collectivists on the left have been engaged in the political and societal conquest of the United States since the early 20th century.  The commitment of the red states, the libertarians, and conservatives nationwide has to be real and steady.  In the meantime, we must develop parallel institutions that allow conservatives and independents to live and work without threat of being cancelled either commercially or politically.  We must free ourselves from the Leftists’ hegemony we find ourselves in.    

Until next time,

Stay healthy, happy, and free!

-JP Mac

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