LR Podcast S3E42: The United and Disunited States of America

(c) 2023,

We’ve just passed the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  While both the left and the right have condemned the invasion, and both support Ukraine, the two camps do so for different reasons. The left looks at Russia as a threat to their globalist agenda, while the right looks at it as a threat to peace in the West and fear an alliance sleepwalking into WWIII.  #ukrainecrisis   Just the News has an article on US Ukraine policy one year after the Russian invasion. 

Americans are divided, not just on Ukraine policy, but on just about every other conceivable issue.   This has led Marjorie Taylor Greene to openly speculate on a national divorce, where the red and blue states declare their irreconcilable differences and go their own separate ways.  An article in John Soloman’s Just the News postulates how such a divorce would happen.  

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-JP Mac

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