LR Podcast S3E41: Balloons, Clowns, and the Whole Circus

(c) 2023,

So, here we are, the third podcast in a row and Biden’s #Balloongate is still news.  After not shooting down an obvious Chinese spy balloon until it presumably completed its espionage mission, now our government might be shooting down weather balloons launched by hobbyists.  An article in presents compelling evidence that this was indeed the case with at least one of the objects recently shot down over North America.   If could well be that our government used a $400,000 missile to shoot down a civilian balloon costing under $100 bucks.

While we were all busy talking about balloons, our government, namely our Transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg was busy not doing much at all about a recent rail disaster in Ohio, or ensuring our railways are kept safe and operable.  Remember when we spent what seemed at the time, a lot of money on “shovel ready” projects under President Obama?  It looks like a trillion dollars later; sufficient work has not been done to ensure the safety and security of America’s railways.  One might even think that a lot of that “infrastructure” money went to things other than infrastructure.  This all has left some thinking that maybe “Mayor Pete” may not have been the best person for the job. An article in the Independent speaks more on this.

It looks like when we got Biden, we got the balloons, clowns, and the whole darn circus!

Until next time,

Stay healthy, happy, and free!

-JP Mac

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