LR Podcast, S2E40: The State of the Union and Balloons

(c) 2023

The State of the Union was just full of lies, half-truths and falsifications.  It’s probably from an honesty standpoint, the worst State of the Union you’ve ever heard.  This includes ones from Bill Clinton and former President Obama.  What he and the Democrats have decided to do is find “solutions” to problems that they themselves created, like inflation.  

Here’s one quote from the speech the illustrates the point perfectly:   “I mean, look, I know you all aren’t enthusiastic about that, but think about it. Think about it. Have you noticed — Big Oil just reported its profits. Record profits. Last year, they made $200 billion in the midst of a global energy crisis. I think it’s outrageous. Why? They invested too little of that profit to increase domestic production. And when I talked to a couple of them, they say, “We were afraid you were going to shut down all the oil wells and all the oil refineries anyway, so why should we invest in them?” I said, “We’re going to need oil for at least another decade, and that’s going to exceed…” — and beyond that. We’re going to need it. Production. If they had, in fact, invested in the production to keep gas prices down — instead they used the record profits to buy back their own stock, rewarding their CEOs and shareholders. Corporations ought to do the right thing.” — President Biden, SOTU Address, 2023. 

Do the right thing?  You (Mr. President) told them that you’d put them out of business!  That’s literally one of the stated goals of the Bidan campaign, to put end to the fossil fuel industry.  Of course, they’re going to take profits rather than sink money into investments in an industry targeted for extinction.  Biden actually had nerve to act surprised when severely limiting their oil exploration options that they invested less in that endeavor.  Again, and again the President showed what must be either his own economic illiteracy, or his belief in the economic illiteracy of his supporters.  His party gave his favored constituencies money the country didn’t have, so they printed it causing inflation, now, he’s promising even more money to offset the effects of inflations largely caused by his party’s spending.  

Since the last podcast, even more supposedly unidentified flying objects have entered ours or Canada’s airspace and have been shot down.  Apparently, the public outcry over allowing a Chinese spy balloon to freely traverse the continental United States changed the President’s mind about allowing unidentified flying objects (technically UFO’s) to cross into our airspace unmolested.  To the public, they are UFOs, but there’s very little chance our government doesn’t know exactly what they are and where they came from, and not outer space.   They want to talk about “misinformation.” Members of the Biden regime that three balloons violated U.S. airspace under Trump’s watch.  Obviously, this is meant to suggest some equivalency between the two series of events.  Problem is– the government was only able to piece together the fact that spy balloons crossed into US airspace after Biden had become president.  The decision of whether or not to shoot down a balloon and where was never one that Trump had to make. 

Until next time,  Stay healthy, happy and free!   

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