LR Podcast S3E46: Is America (Still) Really a Free Country?

(c) 2023

A blast from the past: From one of my first blog postings. Have things changed since then? As the saying goes: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” This post was written while Obama was president. The Democrat in the White House has changed, but the ruling by fiat has not. We find ourselves facing #democrattyranny yet again.

From “Is America Really a Free Country?”:

OK, so we learned our lesson with the Affordable Care Act and threw out those in Congress willing to play fast and loose with our liberty. The Constitution says that Congress makes the laws, so we are therefore (for the moment) safe from our government forcing us to buy American made electric cars, yes? No, not necessarily. President Obama has decided he does not need Congress. He has a phone and a pen (read staff and flail) that give him the power though executive order to instruct the proper regulatory body to create virtual law through regulation. He believes he can rule through Executive Order, and in fact has managed to do so. He as he sees it, could issue an order to the EPA, a non-elected body, to regulate the production of fossil fuel out of existence and thereby make gas-fueled vehicles no longer a viable option for transportation. Crazy? He is attempting to do exactly that. Onerous regulations in the coal industry at his direction already make it almost impossible to build an economically viable coal fire plant. He will not allow a pipeline to be built to move Canadian oil despite the fact that it is actually safer to transport it that way than with rail or over the roads. As for the American made part? He basically federalized GM through the bailouts, too bad their electric car has so far not met consumer needs. That window has closed, but should the automotive industry ever need another bailout… Hope (if not change) springs eternal. April 2015

President Biden has emulated Obama’s penchant for ruling by executive order. He’s used executive orders to continue with President Obama’s war on fossil fuel. He’s also abused his executive order power do create vaccine mandates and forgive student loan debt. Only a few things stand between him and Trudeau levels of tyranny, our Supreme Court, our currently GOP held House, and a few red state governors.

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Stay healthy, happy, and free!

JP Mac

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