LR Podcast, S3E47: Just Another Political Persecution for the Left

(c) 2023

There was a tragic shooting in Nashville recently. An apparent trans activist went into a Christian School and murdered five people. The left-leaning mainstream media seems a little confused about who was the victim in this case. While they publicly worried about any danger to the trans-community in the area, it didn’t even occur to them that the Christian community, they apparent target of the attack, might have reason to fear.

Does the Trump indictment give you a sense of Deja vu? Not surprisingly, this is not the first abuse of law enforcement by corrupt Democrats. Scott Walker, then governor of Wisconsin, and his Republican allies faced similar persecution when they crossed the state’s powerful teacher’s union in 2015. Here’s what I wrote about it at the time in my article: A Chilling Case of Apparent Political Intimidation in Wisconsin

Democrats were willing to use the justice system as a weapon against their political opponents back then, and certainly have no problems with doing so now.

There’s more about the story in this article from Fox News: Trump indicted after Manhattan DA probe for hush money payments

In other Political news, Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination. There was no real call for this, but there it is, he’s running.

Until next time,

Stay healthy, happy, and free!

-JP Mac

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