LR Podcast #38: Bigots Revisited

Episode #38 is a followup of two podcasts: Episodes, #9 Bigots, and more recently, #37 Catastrophe, and tackles the subject of left-wing bigotry. In the wake of the Capitol tragedy on January 6th, the Democrats and others on the left, true to form, did not let a crisis go to waste. They used the incident which was condemned by Republicans, as an opportunity to silence many voices on the right, and for one company to take out its competition. In an odd way, they’ve validated the Critical Theory that undergirds their political philosophy, the theory that posits that stronger groups will always subjugate weaker ones. Their recent actions would seem to support this theory.

Their efforts to drive all points of view contrary to their own out of the physical public square also extend to the digital public square. These efforts have created what the Holocaust historian and investigative journalist, Edwin Black describes as a “digital ghetto” or “algorithmic ghetto”. These are loaded terms but are not inapplicable in the current situation where conservatives are being driven from the formerly inclusive platforms to one separated and apart from them. He noted ominously that, “…People are following the step of identification, exclusion, and confiscation.” Drawing obviously parallels to this digital pogrom and other, real-life pogroms were carried out, to include those carried out by the Nazis.

The purge of right-wing thought from the public square at the hand of the left in government and Big Tech is just beginning. There are some tactics we can use to fight against tech tyrants, most notably is to simply not support them through our business.

To listen to the podcast and find out more about these topics, click here.


J.P. Mac.

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