The Bigotry Intensifies

The left’s anti-conservative bigotry has intensified in the wake of the recent tragic events at the Capitol. Although all American conservatives true to the name have denounced the violence that has taken place, the Democrats and others on the left have exploited the tragedy to consolidate their hold on America, especially though the curtailment of free-speech of millions. They’ve deplatformed the President and they have left tens of millions who wanted to exercise free speech without their preferred online forum The left, emboldened by recent election wins does this because they can. They seek power and one of the weapons they use against all who disagree with their ideology is bigotry cloaked in righteousness. It is fair to call them what they are: bigots.

A few months back, I published an episode of the Liberty Relearned podcast that is definitely apropos to now. If you’re a fan fan of the podcast, or want to hear more on the subject, you can listen to more on this subject here. And stay tuned, because plan to revisit the subject of political bigotry in the next podcast along with a few related subjects.


J.P. Mac

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