LR Podcast S3E50: Parler is Dead (for now) Long Live Parler!

(c) 2023
Starboard has bought Parler.

On day number 9 of world without Parler, we still have no Parler, no new news, and no apparent plan. When Elon Musk took over Twitter, he had a clear plan to rehabilitate the platform that was well publicized. An article appearing in the Washington Examiner entitled: Parler will ‘maximize’ free speech, new owner says suggests that Parler’s new owner, Ryan Coyne has no discernible plan for his new acquisition. When will it be back up? Will it ever be back up? He can’t say. He speaks of maximizing free speech but denies a platform for Parler users to exercise it.

From an article in Just the News tells us that a whopping three (3) people have so far received money from our government in relation to COVID 19 injury claims. These claims combined only totaled amount $5000. Seems like very little money going to very few people considering the number of COVID-19 vaccine injury claims out there. This doesn’t seem enough, unless it’s just the beginning.

Until next time,

Stay healthy, happy, and free!

-JP Mac

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