No Personal Freedom is Too Small to Give up Lightly

Thursday, Fox News reported on yet another example of a teacher truncating the freedom of a fellow American in the name of “a healthy diet”.  In a Colorado school recently, when a teacher spotted some cookies in a little girl’s lunch, she took it upon herself to play “food police” and took the offending snacks from the child.  The teacher then sent a note home to the mother of the child explaining why the food was taken away.

According to a report by KUSA-TV in Colorado the school said:  “It is not their policy to tell parents what children can and can’t eat for lunch.”

A good policy.  So where did the teacher get the idea to take the child’s snack away?  It comes from a portion of the Statist Left lead by Michelle Obama interested in forcing certain food choices on our children while denying parents the right to decide what is best for them.  The teacher, following Mrs. Obama’s example, decided that the mother did not have the freedom to feed her child whatever she wanted.  Her assumption and usurpation of the mother’s rights was not based on any notion that the food was toxic, or that the little girl was allergic, it was based on her belief that it was bad for her.  Emboldened by the hard Left’s ascension to power in Washington, the teacher concluded that her good intentions trumped the rights of the parents and countermanded the mother’s free choice of food for her daughter.  “The Greater Good” is the Left’s mantra justifying their right to take away almost any of our liberties.  Did one of the primary American values: liberty, even factor into the teacher’s decision?  Probably not.

Statist ControlIt may seem a small incident, but multiplied tens of thousands of times across the country; it becomes tyranny.  The Statist Left shows no evidence they will be content to simply control a parent’s school lunch choice for their kids.  They intrude into every corner of our lives– what we eat, what we drink, what sort of commerce we can engage in. They value their control over us more than they value any notion of personal freedom and liberty. They say it is for our own good, but it is in fact for their own power.  They will continue to succeed until the time comes when we decide we value our liberty more than they value their control over it. We must let them know that no freedom, no matter how small, will be given up lightly.

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