A Chilling Case of Apparent Political Intimidation in Wisconsin

The raids, according to the article, were called for by a partisan political opponent of Governor Walker's, District Attorney John Chisholm, a Democrat. Staring as an embezzlement investigation, Chisholm expanded his investigation to include many of Walker's allies. This expansion coincided, with the protests and eventual passage of Wisconsin's Act 10.

NJ Right to Life Dinner, a Brief Summary.

Last night in New Brunswick, NJ, I attended my first NJRTL dinner. On social issues, I consider myself more libertarian than conservative, so what I wondered what I might hear of interest from the personal liberty perspective.  I knew from past experience with the organization this event would not be some gathering of "right-wing extremist" as most of the … Continue reading NJ Right to Life Dinner, a Brief Summary.

Is America Really a Free Country? Pt. 2: Phone and Pen vs. Pen and Parchment

The President has managed to circumvent Congress and the Constitution on numerous occasions to rule by Executive Order. In light of these facts, it is hard to maintain the belief that Americans enjoy the kinds of liberties the Founders had in mind when they signed the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.