The LR Podcast Episode #37: Catastrophe

Wednesday, January 6th 2021 was a catastrophic day for the republic. It was a catastrophic day for every freedom-loving American even before the incident at the Capitol. It was a threefold disaster, being so on the moral, legal, and political levels. The podcast explores each of these. Even before that, our the people of Georgia delivered a devastating blow to the Republican party, but probably unwittingly, the rest of the country when they elected two extreme, left-wing Democrats to the U.S. Senate, costing the Republicans control of that body.

In the days to follow, the hits just kept on coming. Leftists, emboldened by their victories and with a chance to exploit the unfortunate events at the U.S. Capitol, they proceeded to deplatform not just the President from social media, but launched a full-scale pogrom against all media outlets online and off that dared to be critical of them. Most notably, the free-speech alternative to Twitter, Parler, was attracted. Google Play delisted them, and Apple promised to follow suit. Amazon has promised to kick them off of their web server.

So, what to do? This purge of conservative thought from the electronic public square needs to stop. The tyrant oligarchs are exploiting the situation to try to attempt to take out their competition. We have to use every legal and moral means at our disposal in order to stop this naked aggression against conservatives and libertarians, including some the we have been loathe to use before such as boycotts. We need to take a play from the leftists play book and hit them where it hurts, in the pocketbook. We can start by ceasing to buy from companies that have shown antipathy towards all non-leftist political ideologies. We need hurt those companies that feed the monsters, the top ad buyers such as Lowe’s and Amazon in Google’s case. We do these and other things, not because we want to, but because we have to, We also have to start contacting our representatives in Washington and demanding action against these monopolies.

For more on these important subjects, you can link to the Liberty Relearned Podcast here.


J.P. Mac.

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