The LR Podcast Episode #39: Theater of the Absurd

The U.S. Is still a republic, but it is now a stretch to call it a “constitutional” republic. How, when, and why did this happen?

What was the likely real reason for having 25000 troops, checkpoints, and barbed wire in the U.S. Capital for the inauguration?

What can conservatives, and other non-leftists do to keep pressure on Big Tech, and our elected leaders to support free-speech and freedom of associations?

What about the impeachment of Trump? Is it even legal?

With all this talk of “reeducating” Trump supporters and other conservatives, what beliefs do they think need to be purged from us? Personal freedom? The Rule of Law? Capitalism?

For the answers to these questions and more, please listen to the current episode of the Liberty Relearned Podcast. To listen, click here.

Thanks! Stay healthy, stay happy, stay free!

J.P. Mac.

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