Anti-Asian violence and CRT

  • Dinesh D’Souza addresses the topic of Why Asian Americans Are being Assaulted by African Americans Here is my take: You don’t hear about violence against Asians too much anymore in the MSM. It doesn’t fit their racist narrative of white supremacy being the chief cause of most minority problems. The rise of black on Asian hate crimes destroys the premise that America has a systemic race problem. Also, critical race theory declares that if one group outperforms another group socioeconomically, that the better performing group is doing it at the expense of the lesser performing groups. If CRT is telling people this, why should it come as any surprise when its believers start committing hate crimes against Asians who, as a group, are at the top of the economic ladder in this country? CRT teaches this must be because their status is undeserved and comes at the expense of blacks. #stopCRT

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