LR Podcast, S2E2: CRT and Thee

Dinesh D’Souza addresses the topic of Why Asian Americans Are being Assaulted by African Americans  

Here is my take:

You don’t hear about violence against Asians too much anymore in the MSM.  It doesn’t fit their racist narrative of white supremacy being the chief cause of all minority problems. The rise of black on Asian hate crimes destroys the premise that America has a systemic race problem. Also, critical race theory declares that if one group outperforms another group socioeconomically, that the better performing group is doing it at the expense of the lesser performing groups. If CRT is telling people this, why should it come as any surprise when its believers start committing hate crimes against Asians who, as a group, are at the top of the economic ladder in this country?  CRT teaches this must be because their status is undeserved and comes at the expense of blacks. CRT is of course based upon Critical Theory (sometimes known as Cultural Marxism), a central tenet of Marxism that teaches any group with more power than another group will take advantage of and victimize the weaker group. When the proletariat revolution envisioned by Marx failed to materialize, the Fascists reframed it as a struggle between stronger and weaker nations. When that didn’t work out as Gentile and Mussolini envisioned, the proponents of socialism needed to come up with new struggles to stoke.  A natural one to exploit was the race struggle of blacks and other minorities in America. Modern socialism though Cultural Marxism/Critical Theory continually seeks out new “victim” groups to stoke tensions between them and the predominant group, so black against white, rich against poor, secular against the religious, etc. The purpose of all this pitting of groups against the other is nothing less than to bring down Western Civilization, which they fantasize they can replace with their Utopia, (which conveniently requires the presence of a woke elite at its top running things.) 

My conclusion:  Black on Asian violence is a byproduct of decades of indoctrinating Americans with critical race theory.


To listen to the episode, click here.


JP Mac

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