LR Podcast S2, E24: Garland’s Chilling Overreach

America is a divided country. Most of that division is deliberate. The far left has adopted a divide and conquer strategy. They pit rich against poor, black against white, male against female, vaxxed against the unvaxxed, etc. From their own mouths, they have declared that the system needs to be burned down and built back better. They believe a collectivist Utopia will spring from the ashes of Western Civilization. Towards that end, they have exploited existing tensions between various factions, and where there were none, they invented them. This has left America in a Cold Civil War, and one the Biden Administration has recently turned up the heat on. Ordinary Americans who have decided to speak out against elements of this divisive ideology, particularly Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in schools. School-board meetings have been the venue in recent months for impassioned, sometimes even heated comments being made by concerned parents, exercising their 1st Amendment rights to air their grievances at school-board members and other local officials.

Recently, the head of the DOJ, Merrick Garland, has ordered the FBI to monitor alleged incidents of violence and intimidation. This is a move that is seen by many as an aggressive overreach on the part of the federal government into what should be local matters. This move is likely only to exacerbate the existing tensions between the left and the right. The left has over decades, and increasingly, been using higher education and the public school system as indoctrination centers.

To listen to this episode of the Liberty Relearned Podcast, click here.

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