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April 6th, 2016 is the first anniversary of Liberty Relearned!

The Democratic Debate Drinking Game

Democratic DebateIt’s now the Democrats’ turn to do the debate thing.  The only real debate will be how far to the left should the Democratic nominee be.  The candidates will be tripping over each other show how much taxpayer money they want to redistribute.  Don’t expect to see a whole lot of difference between the candidates. The debate will most likely be a contest to see who has the biggest government programs.  Listening to the folks on stage drone on about “unfair this” and “unjust that” might become a little boring after a while.  Alcohol, as we know, can make just about any event more interesting, or at least easier to tolerate.  That’s where the Democratic Debate Drinking Game comes in.

The rules are simple, every time during the debate one of the candidates says one of the designated words or phrases, you take a drink of your favorite adult beverage.  You must of course, be of legal drinking age to play, unless your favorite adult beverage is non-alcoholic, in that case…you’ll probably make yourself sick either way!

Again, there may not be a lot of variation between the candidates, so take a sip anytime any candidate says one of the magic words or phrases:

  • Fair Share If the candidates use it as many times as President Obama does during a typical speech, you could get blasted just on this one!
  • Spread the Wealth Another Obama favorite.
  • Fat Cats Take an extra sip if used in conjunction with either  “Wallstreet” or “corporate”.
  • Failed Policy or Failed Policies of the Past Take and extra sip it the reference is directed against a Democrat.
  • Use the word “investment” when they really mean “spending”.
  • Refer to the war in Iraq as “optional”.
  • Assert something to be a right that isn’t, i.e.: healthcare, a career…
  • Use the words: “witch hunt” when talking about a certain Congressional investigation.

Think you can last all the way through?  You might want to have a good supply of chips and pretzels on hand. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: is not responsible for any foolish thing you might do after playing this game, like: driving, drunk-texting your boss, or voting Democrat. 

The Republican Debate Drinking Game

GOP Debates Red

The Republican Debate Drinking Game

(You must be of legal drinking age to play, drink responsibly, etc, etc…)

Debates are an important, time-honored part of the election process, but let’s face it, last time around the Republican debates were at times less than entertaining.  This year’s debates promise to be better, especially what with “The Don” and all.  If though you still feel they will need a little something extra to make them bearable or a little more interesting, making a game of it may be just the thing.  Or, it’s just another excuse for a party.

The rules are simple, take a drink of your favorite adult beverage whenever you hear one of the candidates utter one of their key words or phrases, or whenever a specified action occurs.

Donald Trump: “Tremendous” “Fabulous”

Jeb Bush:  Any mention of any of his family members who are former presidents.

Rand Paul:  “Constitution” or “Constitutional”

Ted Cruz:  “Washington cartel”

Mike Huckabee: “Clinton machine”

Any candidate:  Says something a foreign language

Any candidate:  Takes a drink of water (we assume it’s water)

The audience:  1 drink for every separate outburst or incident, (take another drink if Chris Christie shuts them down)

The moderator:  Reminds the audience to hold their applause, cheers, etc. until the end

Enjoy the debates!