Catching up on GOP politics this week…

Election Flag aMy faithful followers are probably wondering where my analysis is of Wednesday night’s GOP debate…  Patience Grasshopper!  I’m writing this having just returned to my hotel room in Greenville SC where I just got back from the Heritage Action for America “Take Back America” presidential  forum.  The last few days have been a little busy to say the least.  Of course I watched the debates on Wednesday, then it was right off to beautiful South Carolina for the event.  Much of my debate analysis was done on the plane ride over, so it can truly be said I was high when I wrote most it!  Now finally I can start to catch up on my writing chores.

GOP DebatesFirst, a severely abbreviated take on the debate, to be expanded upon in my next couple of posts:  Carly won, Trump didn’t,  everyone else did pretty much what they needed to do. You only have to watch Fiorina’s answer to Donald’s infamous “face” comment, she TKO’d him.  It will be  very interesting to see the post-debate polls, Trump of course defies logic, but I would be surprised still if he gains any in the polls.  Fiorina on the other hand almost has to shoot up in the polls; after seeing her in person tonight, watch out Republican field!  Rubio did a fine job as the runner-up, showing himself to be well-rounded in his mastery of foreign and domestic policy.  Jeb Bush must have gotten tired of being called “low energy” by Trump, he looked alive this time.  Dr. Carson held his own, proving again that maybe intellect counts for something.  Chris Christie got do his thing, so if your were a fan of straight talk, he did not disappoint.  Rand Paul did better in his rematch versus Christie, and played well to his libertarian base.  Cruz continued prove that the Constitution is his thing.  Huckabee brought a Christian moral side to the debate.

Before that debate though, was the warm-up act of Jindal, Pataki, Santorum, and Graham.  Jindal threw bombs and Democrats and establishment Republicans alike.  You know he has no time for “Democrat Lite” Republicans.  Pataki reminded us that the was Governor of New York on 9.11.01.  Santorum continued to take up the mantle of working-class hero, but probably did not give the religious right the red-meat that Huckabee gave them a few hours later.  The most interesting and watchable person on the stage was Lindsey Graham.  (Did I just write that?)  Yeah, he’s a one trick pony, that one trick being destroying ISIS, but it’s one our current president doesn’t know.

Heritage Presidential Forum Finally, Friday’s presidential forum in Greenville… If you fall asleep watching these things on CSPAN, or tune out as soon as soon as the game comes on, attending one in person is kind of like seeing your favorite rock group in concert, they almost always sound better live than on the album. Conspicuous by their absence were one Donald J. Trump, who must have had a deal to make elsewhere, and South Carolina’s own Lindsey Graham.  (Lack of poll movement from the debate maybe?)  All the candidates who were there had at least a few applause lines.  For now, just the briefest preview of my yet to be written article on the event: Dr. Ben Carson really received a warm welcome.  The Q&A forum plays much more to his strengths as an intellectual that does the debate stage.  He really is that likeable!  Rubio bread and butter is education and foreign affairs, but he really impressed me on economic matters.  Cruz of course did well addressing a conservative audience, showing once again his is a true believer in conservatism. Carly Fiorina had perhaps the most applause lines of the evening– she is attracting supporters under her own brand now.  Her story about losing her daughter to drugs was moving, she knows her foreign policy, and oh yeah, she thinks Hillary would make a lousy president.

Stay tuned, this was just the teaser, you’ll have more from me real soon, promise!

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