Liberty Lost


26 April 2020:

The liberties we once took for granted have been curtailed for many Americans during the COVID-19 epidemic. For perhaps the first time in our lives, some of us are getting a taste of true tyranny. In the name of protecting ourselves and our neighbors, we have agreed to forgo some of our basic rights. We forgo them, but we do not cede them. Some of our elected officials have mistaken this cooperation as an admission that our rights were theirs to give and thus to take away. This is not true and this is not American. Our rights once taken, in many cases, won’t come back on their own. In some cases, it will take us demanding them back. We’ll have to do it the right way, peacefully, safely and sensibly, but we will have to make it happen. It is up to us, “We the People” to ensure our freedoms are returned.

God bless, and stay safe.

-JP Mac

For more on my take on the subject featured on Political Storm, click here.

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