How Biden Plans to “Solve” the COVID-19 Crisis

Biden says he’s going to fix the COVID-19 crisis. But how? The overall trend in deaths has been moving downward and if the pattern holds, the current hot spots will have burned themselves out by Election Day. If (God forbid) Biden gets elected, by the time he takes office he will likely be presiding over a country seeing months of steady decline in deaths. If he follows through on his threat to make the make everyone wear a mask, it would be a veritable symbolic measure by then. We may well have a vaccine by January. So what would he actually do to make a difference? Nothing. We could easily have several states stringing together days, if not weeks without a single new COVID death. He’ll walk into the White House, make a few calls to his allies in the media and blue states governors. He and they will put the emphasis where it properly belongs, on deaths instead of cases, providing the rationale for lifting restrictions. He’ll “solve” the problem having done nothing.

New U.S. Deaths according to Worldometer


You can hear more on Biden’s plan for combating coronavirus and other things on my most recent podcast, “What Will Biden Do?

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