LR Episode #23: Risk vs Reward

President Trump has contracted COVID-19 on the campaign trail. Will the more aggressive campaigning be worth his suffering from the disease? Does this vindicate former Vice President Biden’s seemingly less risky basement campaign strategy? What do these two very different campaign strategies tell us about the world views of the men who employ them? How do the left and the right balance the risk vs. reward ratio? In what other ways can we contrast the approaches of the left and right on both the macro and micro levels.

Will the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court continue unabated in the Senate despite three Republican senators being stricken with COVID-19? Why do the Democrats want to stop it, and can they?

Find out what I think of these subjects by listening to the latest LR podcast here.

Correction: You’ll hear me mention a couple times naming three US Senators as currently having COVID-19. One of those mentioned is Sen. Ben Sasse, from Nebraska, although Sasse has voluntarily self-quarantined himself, his COVD-19 status is currently unknown. I should have said Ron Johnson, R-WI. Sen. Sorry everybody!


J.P. Mac

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