LR Podcast #32: Who ‘topia? U-topia!

Of all ideologies, utopianism, the effort to create the perfect world, may be the most pernicious. At first, the phrase “destructive utopianism” may seem an oxymoron. Ever since Plato wrote The Republic, philosophers, kings and despots have tried to devise and bring about some idea of the perfect society. St. Thomas Moore had his Utopia, Marx and Engels had their Communist Manifesto. Though the latter is better known for the destructive nature of its implementation in this and the last century, it has a commonality with the other books mentioned: the necessity of authoritarianism. It is this need for an authoritarian form of government and a ruling class, either explicit as in the Republic or implicit as with Marx and Engels that binds most, if not all Utopian systems with each other. (to be continued…)

Also the COVID-19 situation is reviewed. What’s the reality of a Biden mask mandate? Does it smack of authoritarianism? What about the COVID-19 vaccine? If it works as advertised, we could see in a few months deaths due to COVID dwindle down to near zero. This can happen only if we’re smart about who we give it to first. The big question, is: Will those Blue-state utopians give up that power even if the vaccine is effective?

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As always, thanks for listening!

J.P. Mac

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