Following the Constitution is now de-facto optional.

SCOTUS decided not to hear the case brought by Texas against four rogue states. The suit basically said that when any state holds an election with laws or rules in direct contravention to the Consitution, all states are harmed. What they’ve done, by not hearing that, or the PA case is tantamount to making following the Constitution optional. I think it’s going to take a while for the implications of that to sink in.

The Supreme Court’s primary function is to defend and uphold the Constitution. With a recent string of decisions (or non-decisions), SCOTUS, under Chief Justice Roberts has just neutered the Court. If states are free to flaunt the Constitution when it comes to election law, then what would keep other states from flaunting the Constitution when it comes to say, abortion law? These recent rulings set a dangerous precedent. SCOTUS has just opened up a Pandora’s box of laws, that could erode and eventually destroy the rule of law in this country.

If this precedent is allowed to stand, it may just be a matter of time before we witness the self-destruction of America as a constitutional republic. Now that it seems that following the Constitution is now de-facto optional, it won’t take long for rogue states, both red and blue to chip away at our union. It’s not hard to see how this could end up in catastrophe. America is headed off into uncharted waters, and there may be storms and reefs ahead.

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