LR Podcast #42 What the Government Should Stop Doing Now.

American conservatives and libertarians like economic freedom and don’t like tyranny. So with this in mind, here’s a list of three things that the government needs to stop doing now:

  1. Stop with the political theater: Bring the troops back home…not from Afghanistan or Iraq, but from Washington D.C. 25,000 troops was way too much. The proposed 5-7 thousand troops is still too high. It’s an expensive way to gaslight the people into believing that their neighbor who had a Trump sign in their yard is a potential terrorist. If we didn’t have that many troops in the Nation’s Capital during the height of the Global War on Terror that saw multiple attacks in the West per month, there’s no reason to have that many troops now.
  2. Stop putting people in the energy sector out of work. Biden wasn’t President for a full day before he put 11,000 people out of work. Still more were put out of work in New Mexico where the energy industry is a major employer, and now he’s under pressure to close the Dakota Access Pipeline, that will put more people out of work and increases the cost of fuel, which in turn raises the cost of most everything else.
  3. Stop keeping our kids from going to school. The CDC has recently stated that inoculating teachers against COVID-19 should not be a prerequisite to in-person learning. It’s well established that teachers using the same precautions as other professions bear no greater risk of contracting COVID than people in those other professions.

Also worth a mention: Stop the outrageous spending, stop the ill-advised raise of the minimum wage.

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Thanks for listening!

Stay happy, healthy, and free!

J.P. Mac

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