LR Podcast S2, E28: The Electorate Says NO

This past Tuesday, Americans across the nation said “no” to the divisive progressive Democrat agenda.  Most notably, Governor-elect  Glenn Youngkin, who ran a race focused on education and the economy defeated one-time governor, Terry McAuliffe.  The election turned on one issue primarily, the question of who should decide what Virginia kids get taught in school, teachers or parents.  McAuliffe said teachers, parents said “wrong!”.  While kids in the Commonwealth were home last year attending classes at home, parents got a rare close-up glimpse into what was their kids were exposed to in school including elements of racist CRT doctrine, and graphic depictions of sex not just in sex-ed, but in school board approved literature.

The wave of conservative and GOP wins across the country have been widely seen as a repudiation of the Biden Administration and the policies of the extreme left, including defunding the police and excessive government overreach when it comes to COVID policy, especially the vaccine mandate.  The leftist indoctrination taking place in our children’s classrooms was merely the straw that broke the camel’s back for the voters in Virginia and elsewhere. 

(Here’s are Excerpts from Buck Sexton’s November 3rd article in that highlight some of these election implications.)

This is the first election since a series of disastrous ones that saw the Republicans lose the White House, then two Senate seats in Georgia. Since then, the Biden Administration has been faced with one disaster after another– a slowed-down economic recovery from COVID, a disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, inflation, and now shortages of many imported goods. The GOP wins in VA and school-board elections across the country are a serious blow to one of the Left’s sources of strength, our education system.  Without control of the public education system, they cannot indoctrinate our nation’s youth with their woke values.

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J.P. Mac

Production note: I was trying out a new microphone for this one. Appears that caused the episode to be recorded at a low volume. You’re going to have to turn it up to high to hear it. I’ll try to do better next time. Sorry! -JPM

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