LR Podcast S2E35: 2021 Christmas Special

Last year in my Christmas message, I wrote these words:

“These are dark times, both literally and figuratively… Jesus is the light, brought into a dark world, and as they say, it’s always darkest before the dawn. It’s certainly dark in the world and in our country today. We have an epidemic, which has brought not just the death of people, but the death of liberty as well. Our Republic is in peril, states across the country have abandoned their allegiance to the Constitution, the following of which they now see as optional. Some of those same forces have plans for this country that would basically mean its end. They believe that in its ashes they can build a new country, their Utopia, not in His image, but their own.”

So, where are we one year later? We still have an epidemic, but one which appears to be on the verge of dying out. In most countries, your chances of dying from COVID are down, and surviving it is up. When it comes to the loss of our liberties, we struggle to regain many that were lost, but gradually have seen many restored. In the U.S., The Constitution is back after going MIA briefly following the election of 2020. Those who strive for a godless Utopia have been met by an ever-increasing opposition and the societal momentum of their movement has stalled. It’s stalled because it has caused misery, not happiness and its false promises are, if not being rejected, are at least being met by skepticism. In the closing days of 2021, there are signs that the light has started to vanquish the dark. Just as the Nativity signaled the beginning of a decades-long process of renewal and ultimate victory over death, so too is there the slight hint of a nascent resurgence of those who would bring His light in our world.

To listen to the LR Podcast, please click here.

Have a happy and healthy Christmas!

J.P. Mac

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