Results: GOP Debate Predictions

GOP DebatesNow the third debate is over, how were my predictions?  Let’s see…

  • Marco Rubio will demonstrate a command of domestic policy. He did, and demonstrated that he’s better at this debate thing than Jeb Bush.
  • Trump attacks on Ben Carson will fall flat.  He’ll have better luck against Jeb. John Kasich drew fire away from Carson and Bush.
  • Carly Fiorina will attack Hillary like a pit-bull. We expect no less. Her performance was as advertised.
  • Cruz will split his time between attacking Hillary, Obama and the Supreme Court.  He might find time to take some shots at Mitch McConnell. Cruz had to cut short his attacks on the Court and McConnell to demolish the smarmy CNBC moderators.
  • John Kasich will actually be a factor because of Ford bringing back jobs to Ohio from Mexico.  He might even get a sound-bite.  (You heard it here first!) Kasich tried, but Trump did his usual “counter punch” thing to him.

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