The Week in Conservatism

The South Carolina Primary

South Carolina is now in the record books.  Trump is once again the winner, despite dredging up Code Pink’s talking points against George W. Bush, and despite a dust-up with the Pope.  Cruz has fallen to third and Rubio is back on track after the New Hampshire debacle.  Jeb is out of the race.  Believe it or not, that is how the process is supposed to work.

The Loss of Justice Scalia

When Justice Antonin Scalia died, the balance of the Supreme Court came into question.   President Obama sorely wants to appoint a liberal justice to replace Scalia, an arch Constitutionalist. He will accuse the Republicans in the Senate of obstructionism.  Never mind that he practiced obstructionism himself as a member of the Senate. Hard-line conservatives don’t even want to hold hearings for an Obama nominee.  Does this bespeak a certain lack of trust of the leadership in the rank-and file?  Might some Republicans waiver and actually vote for an Obama nominee?  One hopes that for once they will emulate their Democrat colleagues and vote in lock step with their leadership.

Apple vs. the FBI

The Department of Justice has insisted that Apple crack the code that keeps the iPhone owned by one of the San Bernardino shooters secure.  The FBI wants to see who else the terrorists might have been communicating with in case there are more plots in the works.  Apple has refused, as they fear that any program to hack the phone in question can be used to hack into any iPhone, and maybe by others outside of Washington.  The FBI counters that the warrant is for the one phone in question, and they don’t even want the decryption program, just the unlocked phone. There is just one problem, the decryption program does not exist, and forcing someone to do the work entailed in creating one would constitute well, slavery. Maybe if the FBI offered to pay for the efforts if the Apple programmers and go to every length to keep the programming secure, even from themselves, everyone can benefit.

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