LR Podcast, S2E52: Season 2 Review

(c) 2021-2022

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Season 2 of the Liberty Relearned Podcast covered a lot of ground, from Biden’s expensive and empty promises, the philosophy of Ayn Rand, to Covid, fascism, and woke Disney.  Included are clips from previous episodes of the podcast.  

  • What does Joe Biden think government is for?
  • What did Ayn Rand think about selfishness?
  • Are the values that past generations of Americans fought and died for still alive in America today?
  • Has America moved on from the Covid crisis?
  • What did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau do that was so bad?
  • What are the virtues of the right?
  • Does Disney still stand for family values?

Thanks for listening these past 12 months!

Until next time:

Stay healthy, happy, and free!

JP Mac

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