Reductio ad absurdum, Trump as a Nazi.

If Trump is a fascist, especially a Nazi, he’s certainly a very poor one. If his followers are fascists, they sure cling to a lot of non-fascists ideals, like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. One of the defining traits of Nazis was their violent antisemitism. Trump ended the Iran nuclear agreement, something that the Israelis celebrated, and their Prime Minister at the time called for in front of the UN. This paved the way for one of Trump’s in-laws, one of his Jewish in-laws to broker a peace deal between Israel and several neighboring Arab states. He then moved the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. These are things that a true Nazi would have a hard time doing, and even a harder time selling to his supporters.

After four years, Americans were as free as they were before he became president, (except for COVID restrictions.) There were no boxcars full of minorities being hauled off to concentration camps. In fact, no forced labor camps. There were no pogroms carried out against the Jews or anybody. That begs the question: If Trump were truly a Nazi, why didn’t he ever do any of this? Was he too busy cutting taxes and regulations? Did he mean to get around to building the camps during his second term? If they left are right, and Trump is a Nazi, this would be the logical conclusion that fact would entail. A real Nazi wouldn’t have left the minorities in this country, generally better off than before he took office. Conclusion: The assertion that Trump is a fascist, especially a Nazi, is nonsense.

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