LR Podcast, S3E26: Halloween Special

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JP Mac and guest star Poor Yorick

Five Things the Left Fears Most

  1. Losing Power. Power is the ultimate pursuit of the left. Follow the Left’s ideology to its logical conclusion and you have a totalitarian state not unlike the one imagined by Orwell in his novel, 1984. It stands to reason then, that their greatest fear is not being in control– of everyone and everything. The Left is highly motivated by fear, and they fear a world in which they are not in control they will be victimized by those who are. This is driven by the Marxist belief that all power imbalances between people result in a oppressor/oppressed relationship.
  2. A Trump presidency. The Democrats have dedicated themselves since he was elected in 2016 to remove Donald Trump from power. Two failed impeachment attempts, zealous prosecutions and scores of nuisance lawsuits against Trump show just what an existential threat the Left believes he poses to their plans. Even after two years out of office, Trump lives rent-free in the heads of Democrats. President Biden even dedicated a speech almost entirely to labeling “MAGA Republicans” as threats to democracy.
  3. Having to defend their ideas. Their long war against free speech reached its zenith with the temporary deplatforming of Parler, a challenge to Twitter’s dominance in the social media market. The social media giants of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have dedicated themselves to eliminating or squelching competing points of view. Time and again, conservative speakers have been the target of protests, sometimes violent, boycotts, and censorship. The Left prefers cancellation to debate. Whenever you hear the terms like disinformation or misinformation being used in the mainstream media, or a story gets “fact-checked,” that’s usually a sign that the article or statement in question runs afoul of their established, approved narrative. This is a sign that the Left realizes the fragility of one of their narratives.
  4. Organized religion, especially Christianity and Judaism. For the Left to realize their totalitarian dreams, they know they cannot have any competing ideologies. Objective morality, like objective reality acts as a sociological insulation against the kinds of amoral and even immoral behaviors that are necessary for totalitarianism to gain and maintain control of the populace. Just like the pigs in Orwell’s Animal Farm needed to change the laws of the farm to suit their needs and to give the appearance that they were not above the law, so too does the Left need an ever-changing sense of morality that suits the needs of the elite among them. Ultimately, just as with the totalitarian systems of the 20th Century, the Left need you to be obedient not first to God, or a set of laws such as the Constitution, but to them.
  5. Individually held rights and beliefs. Collectivism is the core ideology of the Left. Communism, socialism, and fascism are all variations of collectivism. The individual must surrender themselves to the collective. “For the greater good” has been the rationale behind every tyrannical law and dictate. Independent thinkers question the intentions of others and have a stubborn reliance on facts when it comes to making important decisions for themselves and their loved ones. The leftist elite cannot have anyone questioning their decisions, much less refusing to go along with them. To paraphrase the fascists– Nothing outside the collective, everything inside the collective, and nothing against the collective. All wants and needs must align with those of the collective. We see this taken to its logical extreme in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, when society completely collapses without the services of those who refuse to sacrifice their own self-interest to an ungrateful society that takes them for granted.

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JP Mac

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