LR Podcast, S3E35: Things that won’t happen in 2023

  • The Left giving up on corrupting children 2023 will see the continuation of drag queen story hour, and more confusing children about gender
  • Inflation dropping below 5% Congress just approved $1.7 trillion, much of it going to the political allies of the Democrats, so yeah, continued inflation as the government continues to print more money to bribe the people and pay off special interest groups.
  • Alternative forms of energy coming even close to filling the world’s energy needs Expect this to make the list for years to come.
  • Vladimir Putin winning the Nobel Peace Prize Obama won it, Trump didn’t. The Nobel Prize committee has very little integrity left, but it’s a safe bet that starting a major war won’t get you it.
  • Hunter Biden being charged, much less convicted, of any crime carrying a prison sentence of more than 5 years. The two-tiered justice system will continue.
  • Justin Trudeau renouncing his mentor, Klaus Schwab and his global totalitarian designs Things just aren’t bad enough yet in Canada, so Canadians will remain stuck in an authoritarian system.
  • Google, Facebook, or YouTube coming clean about their discrimination against conservatives and collusion with government agencies to suppress free speech à la Twitter under Musk. Everyone knows that the US Government suborned media companies to limit free speech, but only Twitter has been transparent on the subject. Don’t expect the other social media giants to follow suit in 2023.

Plus: What will the Democrats do with Biden?

Until next time,

Stay happy, healthy, and free!

-JP Mac

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