Biden has a low opinion of Neanderthals and people who value freedom.

Those who would trade liberty for security should get neither
Ben Franklin knew there’d be times like these.

Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

President Biden has called the decision of Texas and Mississippi to drop COVID restrictions and open up their states as “Neanderthal thinking”. Last anyone checked, their governors were freely elected by the people. How come he and his fellow Democrats who were chanting the mantra: “Democracy! Democracy! Democracy!” for the last year advocate for its antithesis, autocracy? When governors make calls they like– destroying the liberties of their citizens, not to mention their jobs, no criticism. That’s democracy at work they’d tell you. When it comes to elected leaders making different calls, the decisions are mocked and derided. Biden and his friends rather than let democracy work would rather take those decisions out of the hands of those leaders, and impose their autocratic rule in its place. They speak of national mask mandates as if we were subjects at the President’s command. They lack the imagination to conceive of a people who value freedom more than a little temporary safety. The obvious implication is that the people who voted for the governors of TX and MS are not smart enough to make decisions for themselves and accept the consequences. When the political left speaks of democracy, it seems like they mean the other thing. Biden should trust and value personal freedom and not deride it.

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